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Top 3 reasons to visit Armenia

1) Explore the first Christian country in the world

Did you know that Armenia was the first country in the world that adopted Christianity as a state religion? It happened in 301 AD with the assistance of Gregory the Illuminator and Armenian king Trdat III. The very first was the Echmiadzin Cathedral, which became the first Christian cathedral in the world. You can see this magnificent creation in the town of Echmiadzin – the religious center of all Armenians. Today, religious monuments of Christianity can be seen everywhere throughout Armenia. 



2) Enjoy the view of Mount Ararat

It’s impossible to visit the capital of Armenia, Yerevan, without noticing its magnificent natural landmark, Mount Ararat. This emotive and awe-inspiring mountain is beautiful in any season. Traditionally, Mount Ararat was the symbol of the motherland for all Armenians, and it remains so today.Ararat is known as a Biblical mount, as it was mentioned in the Bible during the story of the Great Flood. According to the tale, Noah’s ark stopped exactly on that mount and after a while, he settled in the Ararat Valley with his family.


3) Take a dip in the inverted sky

Lake Sevan is located so high up in the mountains, that when you sit on the bank it seems that the water surface is about to touch the sky. This amazing lake is the largest and possibly the most beautiful in the Caucasus.The lake, which locals call ‘the Armenian Sea,’ is surrounded by mountains. Spend an afternoon here and notice how every hour the water changes its color, from azure to turquoise to navy blue.

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